When the subject of the tour comes up the comment is usually made…”You must be a good golfer.”

My response is always “Nope, I am just a guy with a bag of clubs and some balls.” And I mean it. I am not bad, but by no means do I consider myself good.

12 Months ago my handicap was 24.6 when I began working with GolfTec. After working with Chris Rogers at the Needham GolfTec location for the last year my handicap has come down to 15.5 and I can see my way lower. Most importantly I enjoy the game much more.

The clubs in my bag are primarily Callaway. I have a Rogue driver, 3 wood and irons. I also have an old Big Bertha 5 wood and 4 Hybrid. I putt with an Odyssey putter. I have one Mack Daddy wedge and one Cleveland Wedge. And the only balls that I buy are Callaway TruVis.

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