The Adventure

Imagine 100 days playing 100 different golf courses as you travel across the country.  It is every golfer’s dream…or nightmare.  In the Spring of 2019, I will embark on a journey to play 100 golf courses in 100 days to raise awareness and $1,000,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association- a group that’s committed to combatting a devastating disease that impacts six million Americans and one in three seniors. Starting in Palm Desert and concluding in Boston on June 21st, the Longest Day of the Year, I will tee it up in wind, rain, extreme heat and bitter cold to ensure that everyone knows that there aren’t any days off in our battle of a disease that manages to affect all of us in one way or another. And because Alzheimer’s touches all of us, I want everyoneto join me on this incredible journey.

Although I will be traveling alone, I will be joined by supporters at every stop along the way.  We will play the course together and each participant will leave with a gift bag knowing that they have supported a great cause.


In addition to raising $100,000 we hope to bring nationwide attention to Alzheimer’s Disease. We will do this by interacting with golfers face to face, by coordinating social media and email marketing with supporters and sponsors and by cultivating national and local mass media interest.  We hope to reach:

10,000 golfers in person

100,000 golfers per day via social media

10,000,000 Americans via mass media

We will use each sponsor’s channels to build interest and sign up participants on a local and national level.  As an example, when we are in Arizona, working with the local Alzheimer’s Association chapter we will let their supporters know what is happening in their back yard while at the same time we will work with our sponsors to identify local area golfers and offer them all the opportunity to participate.

This will be supported by daily Facebook, Instagram and blog posts throughout the tour that discuss the day’s events, the sponsors support and the other participants activities. These posts are meant to be shared across multiple platforms so that they have the maximum impact.

The buzz really is heightened as you add mass media.  On a local level, we will be pitching local TV, radio and social outlets with prepacked stories around the golf events with local tie ins to things like Alzheimer’s support groups to create a compelling human interest story.

Nationally, there is interest around not only the Alzheimer’s element but also process stories around how you get ready for something like this and how you execute it. Additionally, there will be stories around the sponsor’s and their interest and support of the movement.

Together, the Alzheimer’s Association, the Fund to Cure Alzheimer’s, the sponsors and the participants will create tremendous value in increasing awareness around the terrible disease that is Alzheimer’s, the incredibly hard jobs of the care givers and by raising funds to support this very important cause.

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