Drive For Show…

The old adage is “Drive for Show, Putt for Dough”, but is it that simple.

The last 12 months have caused me to be much more thoughtful about my game. What’s important and what areas to work on.

This may be different when you are a scratch golfer but at a 15 handicap what I have learned about my game is that a good drive is critical to scoring on a hole. If I don’t hit a good drive, the hole is virtually a lost cause.

So what do I mean by a good drive? I am not talking about bombing it out there 300 yards like a pro. It’s not a drive that the folks watching from the clubhouse are going to ooh and ahh over. For me, a good drive is simple… 200 -240 yards sitting in the fairway. If I can do that then I have lots of possibilities of getting to the green. If I am in the woods or the water my options are murky.

So, I am spending a lot of time just trying to get my drive to go reasonably straight and a not embarrassing distance. It’s that simple.

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