The Prep Day

We arrived in Palm Desert late on Tuesday night. After a restless night of sleep I was struck by the amount of stuff that I had brought with me. With changing hotels every night, there was no way that this was going to work.

Not only did I have everything that you see in this picture, but I had my golf clubs and 6 boxes of SWAG that I had sent out ahead of me. I couldn’t be schlepping all of that into the hotel every night. Something had to change.

Yesterday became all about sorting everything out so that when I needed something I could quickly find it and just bring into the hotel exactly what I needed. One area in the car for SWAG and other give away stuff. A bag for all my foul weather gear (yes Doug, I finally bought rain gear). A bag for my emergency medical supplies (allergies and asthma) and then some other bags for stuff that I will rotate through.

It’s not very glamorous but now that I have all of that off my mind I can focus on teeing off in two hours. Not really nervous, more just anxious to get started and get moving.

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