Day 6 – Wilshire Country Club

Although I belong to a private club in Needham, it’s really not a “PRIVATE” Club. The difference between the Needham Golf Club and the Wilshire Country Club is like the difference between a Kia and a Mercedes. They are both cars but no one would confuse one for the other.

Upon arriving at the Wilshire Country Club, my first instinct was that I am never leaving. I was early so I went to the men’s locker room, sat on a couch in front of a fire, watching CNBC and doing Instagram posts. Very comfortable for a nomad like myself.

But alas, golf beckoned so I joined Charlie, Billy and Geoff on the 1st tee and we started a game that I still am not completely sure that I understood. I do know that we switched partners every 6 holes and I know that handicaps were involved. Other than that, I was clueless.

Geoff played an incredible round and each one of his teams won their 6 holes. For his effort he made $7. (IRS take notice)

Wilshire Country Club had so many sand traps that it could be called a beach. I think that I hit most of them. As is the routine lately, with a 51 going out and a 47 coming in, my front 9 was worse than my back 9. I had a couple of good pars but some really tough greens had a huge impact on my short game.

Playing with Caddies makes it much easier to not loss balls, so I only lost 1 today. I think that makes my total 14.

Although it’s just a sign, playing in site of the Hollywood sign was a constant reminder of where you were. The other reminder was knowing that the LPGA was going to be playing here in April.

Neither of those happen in Needham.

BTW, Rick Reilly and his team run an exceptional operation and we were very well taken care of.

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