Day 7 – Griffith Park – Harding

Wake up to a forecast of 40% chance of light showers and a text from Charlie asking what the rain plan is. I reply that I have to play but he and the other guys can bag if they want. At 10:00 we are all at Griffith park and ready to play.

On the first tee the sky was overcast but nothing crazy. By the second tee, ominous clouds started gathering. A little light rain hit us on four and then on five….


Rain started coming down in buckets. We tried to finish the hole but since Charlie’s putt died halfway to the hole we decided to take shelter in the halfway house.

Soaked to the bone, the guys got a cup of coffee and we waited out the storm. Eric and John were well prepared with full rain suits, covers for their bags and an umbrella. I on the other hand only wore my rain top because we were only going to have light showers. Everything about me (except my top) was soaked to the bone. My body, my clubs, golf cart, everything.

After the storm passed the sun came out and we started to dry off. I wanted to take our selfie when we were at our worst but the sun dried us out and we didn’t look too bad.

7 days in, the golf continues to be frustrating. My drives were great and I reached the first 6 greens in regulation. However, on each one of them I three putted. Exceptionally frustrating. I shot a 97 which was disappointing.

On the positive side, the only ball that I lost was when my ball went into one of the shallow drainage gullies and washed away.

More rain in the forecast for Upland Hills.

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