Day 11 – TPC Las Vegas

Jerry and I pulled into the parking lot and while trying to get our stuff organized we heard “Didn’t you guys play at ‘Wolf’ yesterday?” Confused we turned around and saw Il. Yes Il. Standing in the parking lot we came to learn that Il was in the foursome behind us yesterday and as we compared notes we learned that he would be joining us today.

Il is a dentist from Houston and relentlessly positive and when you play with someone like him, you can’t help but have a good round. Also not a bad golfer.

The course was carved out of some very rough landscape. Having to hit tee shots over multiple ravins onto narrow fairways. Every par 3 green was effectively an island green because other than a little rough around the green it was all desert. Most times when your ball left the rough it was lost as good as if it went in the water.

I don’t recall a tee shot that didn’t involve some level of risk. It was a very mental game because you were always looking at something very dangerous.

I kept coming back to Cat’s taunt of me on the 10th at Arrowood. With a pond in front of me she said “Dave, what’s that in front of you?” Getting into my head, I preceded to hit it directly into the pond. Golf is a mental game.

A green Callaway TruVis ball was played yesterday to honor Don Grunz, Maggie’s dad. I chose the 11th hole at TPC Las Vegas because Don loved Vegas and the 11th is lucky. Don died of Colon Cancer twenty nine years ago. He is terribly missed.

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