Day 12 – Coyote Springs Golf Club

I put Coyote Springs into the GPS and it tells me that it is 1 hour and 20 minutes away. So I start driving.

After 20 minutes you go by the Las Vegas Motor Speedway at which point civilization ends. 30 minutes later you turn off the interstate and get on a 2 line road for the next 30 miles.

At this point you know that the GPS is messing with you because there is nothing for miles. I start coming up with contingency plans for when I get there and have to spend another couple of hours finding the golf course. Then out of nowhere there is a golf course.

Rumor has it that Coyote Springs was supposed to be part of a 100,000 person development in 2007. After the course was built the development went bust in the financial crisis of 2008. This picture is of a driveway to a condo that was never built.

They did a fantastic job on the course, but went a little overboard on the greens. As someone said to me “if you aren’t 4 putting you aren’t having any fun.” Fast with multiple breaks and many times the putt would just run off the back.

Rusty and Lynn were great playing companions. (The picture above shows one way to speed up the game). The couple was on their way back to Canada in their RV and just stopped in along the road for a quick round.

I only lost 1 ball but shot a 98.

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