Day 19 – TPC Scottsdale

After 19 straight days of golf, on 19 different courses, I think that I have become a little discerning.

TPC Scottsdale was one of the good ones. It had just the right amount of challenge with some long par 4’s and some holes where you really had to think.

One of the most important decisions that a player makes when approaching a golf course is what tees to play. I usually play the same tees as my playing partner. At TPC Scottsdale, my playing partner, Jim, decided to play the Players tees (6600 yards) and I decided to play the Resort tees (6300). I made the right call.

I later learned that there are guidelines that state what length course you should play based on how long your drive is. With my Rogue driver and a 240 yard drive I should be playing less than 6,400 yards (I think.) Turns out Jim ended up joining me after 13 frustrating holes.

I had a Jeckel and Hyde day with 4 pars and 4 7’s. Didn’t lose a ball until my drive on 18. 

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