Day 39 – Copper Mill

When I don’t have a designated playing partner, my routine is to get up and go to the course early. Sometimes they let me out early, sometimes they don’t but I like to get going, especially when I have a long ride ahead of me.

On this morning they let me out early and because I was playing alone I didn’t have anyone to tell me about the hidden dangers lurking around the corner or over the hill.

There was a lot of dew on the fairways and lots of hidden water over the next rise. Copper Mill was a tricky course in Baton Rouge but it made for an enjoyable round.

Because I got done early it meant that I could get on the road and get a head start to my three days in New Orleans.

You might think that Easter Sunday in New Orleans would be very calm and sacred. I can tell you that it was anything but. Walking through the French Quarter I ran into 4 parades and the place was hoping. The biggest disappointment was that my brother told me to go to the Cafe du Monde for Beignets and when I got there around 3:00 the line was 1/2 a block long so I had to pass (for now).

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