Day 42 – The Bridges Golf Club

What’s a big change from 3 great days in New Orleans? How about a course in Mississippi that is surrounded by wetlands and all that encompasses (e.g. Gators and Snakes). To quote Indiana Jones; “Why did it have to be snakes?”.

I hooked up with Stan and Wally at the first tee and agreed to play whatever tees they wanted to. They picked the forward tees. Alright I thought, still a respectable rating and slope and maybe I can go low.

I was wrong. Wally warned me, it would be target golf and he was right. I think that I only used my driver 4 or 5 times. It was all layup and stay out of trouble. Narrow fairways, lots of marsh, water and sand determined how the game came out.

I started with a birdie and that was the high point of the day. Grinded through the front 9 and played significantly better on the back. I would have felt better about the whole thing if Wally hadn’t shot even par.

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