Day 43 – Shell Landing

The storm was supposed to hit at 10 so I abandoned my 11:03 tee time and showed up at the course at 6:45.

They took pity on me and sent me out alone to battle the elements and all of the wildlife. And let me tell you, when you are out in the far reaches of Shell Landing you feel like the only person in the world.

Some people talk about golf being an opportunity to get out into nature. In most cases that is B.S. At Shell Landing you really are out there with nature.

What a beautiful course through the marshes of the Gulf Coast. Totally isolated and very picturesque.

When I play by myself I can do 18 leasurely in 2 hours which is what I did. I looked down at my card on the back 9 and noticed I had 7 4’s in a row. Shot an 83 and lost 2 balls. All in all a fun start to the morning.

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