Day 50 – ChampionsGate – International Course

I know it’s bad luck when a black cat crosses your path but what about an 8’ alligator?

That’s how my day started. I was minding my own business on the putting green when a guy goes by me and says “There’s your caddy.” And points to the alligator. Whoa.

I went out early to beat the rain. I started by myself but eventually caught up with Mike and Steve. After a few holes, I complimented Steve on his iron play because he was consistently putting it close to the pin.

2 holes later I asked him his handicap and he told me “3”. I don’t like him anymore.

We had just teed off on 18 when the skies opened up. I went out into the fairway to look for my ball and all I saw of Mike and Steve was their taillights. They were done.

I finished. 85 and 1 lost ball.

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