Day 73 – Cantigny Golf Club

I am told Cantigny rhymes with martini and that seems appropriate.

Playing with and riding with some of my oldest friends. We had three players and because it was cart path only it seemed like we were having a little parade.

Donna is a great friend from my childhood. She is the older sister of my closest friend growing up and I have know here since I was 6.

She was joined by Harry her husband of almost 40 years and their son Brian who they brought in as a ringer.

Gary works @teeoffbypgatour and was with his wife Sarah. I met Gary during orientation freshman year at Union College and the next year Sarah showed up and immediately started dating Gary. So they have been together and we all have been friends for a long time. FYI, I couldn’t have done this tour without Gary’s support.

It was a roving cocktail party minus the cocktails. We didn’t see the beverage cart after the second hole.

We played a little best ball so I can’t report my score of 93 but I lost 4 balls on the very narrow and wet course. Very nice course with a great staff.

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