Charlie Meister

Most things like 100 Days 100 Courses have multiple causes. Although he doesn’t know it, one of the causes is Charlie.

2 years ago, Maggie and I were visiting Charlie and his wife Lawry out here in the desert. Charlie and I played two rounds of golf and my game was so horrible that I must have lost 12 – 15 balls. I was totally embarrassed. I wanted to blame it all on the old borrowed clubs but I know that the operator was at fault not the equipment.

After that round I became determined to get better and not embarrass myself like that again. That led me to GOLFTEC, but that is a story for another time. Back to Charlie…

Charlie is also the first unsung hero of 100 Days 100 Courses. When I first announced the tour, Charlie offered to host me at one of the courses in LA. I immediately took him up on the offer and we will be playing with two of his friends at the Wilshire Country Club on Tuesday March 19th. Essentially, Charlie bought the foursome and moved it. Great idea.

Charlie then got two more of his friends to buy up the foursome at Griffith Park so he and I will be playing again on March 20th. Finally, he is actively recruiting friends from around the country to join me. I hope that we get the opportunity to swap Charlie stories.

I can’t thank him enough for his early and continuous support so a couple of weeks ago I asked him to join me in the desert to kick off the tour. He gladly accepted and we had a great start to the whole thing.

Thanks Charlie.

1 thought on “Charlie Meister

  1. Dave, great playing with you! It was an awesome day in the desert and I wish you the best in your adventure to help raise money for Alzheimer’s research.


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