Day 1 – Marriott Desert Springs Palm Course

The First Shot

Having to wait until 1:00 was a little painful. (If you don’t know me, patience and waiting and two things that I struggle with). The course appeared pretty busy so we got ready for a slow round with lots of waiting.

Charlie Meister joined me for a quick pre round lunch and we got to meet our playing partners, Chuck and Jen sitting in their carts by the practice green. At 1:10 our names were called and the delay did not bode well for the anticipated pace of play.

My nerves were settled after bombing a drive straight down the fairway. This is going to be fun. My big concern was everyone that I had promised something to: TeeOff wanted a picture of me with the TeeOff towel, Marriott Golf wanted pictures out on the course and my big fear was forgetting to play the purple ball on number 3.

It all turned out well. The course was in really nice shape. Playing the blue tees nothing seemed too intimidating on paper. The challenge came from the slopping fairways and the elevated greens. The course was rated 70.5/127 and I shot a 97. Definitely not what I was hoping for but on the plus side my drives were generally good. The biggest challenge that I had was my chipping. I was within 50 yards on one hole and it took me three horrendous chips to get onto the green. It was an elevated green and if you missed it, the ball rolled back to your feet.

The second challenge was that I lost two balls IN THE FAIRWAY. How does this happen? Everyone agreed that the ball should be right THERE! Oh well, onto PGA West Stadium Course.

So if you are keeping score at home 97 strokes and 2 lost balls.

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