Day 2 – PGA West Stadium Course

You know how you will be watching a movie and you see all the signs that disaster is about to come and yet you are still surprised when it happens? That is the PGA West Stadium Course.

Three days ago a buddy of mine emailed me and said “oh, I see you’re playing PGA West Stadium Course. That is HARD!”. Two days ago, my playing partners at JW Marriott Desert Springs asked where I was playing next they said “Wow, that is one tough course.”. Yesterday before starting the starter said “If it’s your first time you have to play the white’s because it’s really challenging.” Finally, Dean my cart mate said “you’ll lose 8 balls.”

So where do you go from there?

What can I say about PGA West Stadium, other than that they were all right. The course was incredibly challenging. Lots of water, even more sand (playing with 3 members they had names for the worst of the bunkers) and not a flat lie anywhere in the fairway (at least where I was).

However, the setting was absolutely beautiful and it’s one of those courses that beats you up but you want to go back to try it again.

My game could be summed up as tremendous swings. I would hit a long drive into the water and then without fail my next shot would be brilliant. I also learned a new term – PBFU. It stands for “Post Birdie F*** Up”. I had a great birdie on number 14 and then 15 I carded a horrendous 7.

I finished the round with a 99 (51 on front and 48 on the back) and lost a total of 6 balls (take that Dean, you were wrong).

Tally over two days – 197 strokes and 8 lost balls. (Handicap heading up.)

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