Purple Ball – Pete Dye

I have never met Pete Dye, but he is a legend in the golf industry. He is arguably the premier golf course architect in the world. About a year ago, his family announced that he had Alzheimer’s. I will be playing on about 10 of his courses during the tour so I thought that on the first one I should play for Mr. Dye.

I was feeling a little cocky as I stood over the ball. Beautiful mountains and lots of fairway in front of me. Don’t kill it, just put it out there easy.

Mr. Dye had other thoughts. Karmacly he said “nope, not on my course you cocky kid.” My ball went straight left and was lost in a group of homes never to be seen again. Somehow that seemed appropriate given the challenging reputation that his courses have.

If you live in PGA West and find a purple ball that says “March 15 Pete Dye” let me know, I want to play it where it lies.

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