Day 3 – Maderas Golf Club

While eating lunch, Don Petty and I were discussing our upcoming round. Don had read a lot about the course and in particular the greens and seemed to be a little apprehensive. Since there are no rules other than I have to play 18, we decided to play a 2 person best ball format. I was definitely OK with that because I wanted to break my bad mojo.

We had a ball.

For the second day in a row I was joined in the foursome by two Canadians (which border am I near anyway?). Although half our age, they were a lot of fun and put up with two old men. The course was very challenging in that it forced you to use every club in your bag. You had to keep the driver in the bag on quite a few holes as trouble was right where you didn’t want it.

As Don had predicted, the greens were incredibly fast. I wish I knew what they read on the meter as many putts just kept rolling and rolling and rolling with just a tap.

Playing 2 person best ball we shot a respectable 82. My encouraging sign was that we started and ended with me shooting a natural par. So I am encouraged for today.

3 Balls lost so that brings the tallies to 11 Balls lost and 278 strokes.

1 thought on “Day 3 – Maderas Golf Club

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey with me! You are a special guy. God bless you and safe travels.
    I will follow your every step. Don’t take the golf part too seriously, enjoy each and every day!


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