Purple Ball – Charlie Orlando

Laurie Orlando and I go way back. We meet when I was in college and we both worked at WRGB TV 6 in Schenectady. (For those trying to do the math, that is 36 years ago). Although we don’t stay in touch regularly and just keep up a little through Facebook and Instagram I still consider her a friend.

I have always been able to remember Laurie’s birthday because even for a non Irish person like me, how do you forget St. Patty’s day. When I learned of her dad’s struggle with Alzheimer’s I knew that I had to play a ball for Laurie and her dad on her birthday.

Charlie was very good to me on this par three. You can see the ball was just slightly off the green after my tee shot. Just a tiny chip and short putt and I made par in honor of Charlie.

1 thought on “Purple Ball – Charlie Orlando

  1. Good story Dave! Travel safe my friend. Don


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