Day 4 – Arrowood Golf Course

My playing partners on Day l were from Oceanside (where Arrowood is located) and they led me to believe that Arrowood was a less than ideal course. I think the term “dog track” was used. (Now that I think about it, I may have been the one to use that term.) The fact that we were standing on the meticulous JW Marriott Desert Springs – Palm Course at the time, may have influenced their perspective.

Arrowood was a very pleasant surprise. Described by my playing partners as a poor man’s Aviara (I missed Aviara while in the San Diego area), I found it to be a challenging course with lots of elevation changes and some approaches that we really ego boasting.

The round had a hectic start because as I had no assigned playing partners and I was early, I told the pro if he could get me out early that would be great. A half an hours later he bellowed at me “Grab a cart, you’re up”. Grabbing my cart I joined Jesse and Don on the tee box. They had already hit, so I quickly grabbed my driver and teed off.

Hectic suits me. I shot a 42 on the front and a 40 on the back. I played really well but I was so zoned in that I didn’t do my job and take any pictures. I did lose two balls which brings my count to 13.

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