Purple Ball – Sue Burch

When I arrived at Union across the hall and down one room was Jerry Burch. Jerry was loud, full of energy and also a Mechanical Engineer. We ended up spending a lot of time together and being close friends.

After graduation Jerry came out to California to work and I followed him 6 months later with me sleeping on his couch for a few weeks.We worked together at Long Beach Naval Shipyard and then both got jobs in the same department at Lockheed Space Operations Company in Lompoc where he slept on my couch so he could keep his apartment in Huntington Beach with his fiancé.

After I left for the University of Chicago and then a life in Boston we lost touch. When I knew that I was coming out here to play golf I reached out and Jerry immediately signed up because his mom, Sue, is battling Alzheimer’s right now.

I asked Jerry to play the Purple Ball on number 3 for me. I think that he got a little emotional when looking down at the ball. He wanted to do well for his mom. This picture shows Jerry concentrating on his par putt. This may have been the only time that he concentrated this hard.

Thinking of you Sue.

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