Day 5 – Tustin Ranch Golf Club

A little inside baseball for you, I have 2 different systems to keep track of all of the goings on at the Golf Club and each has it’s flaws. I have the scorecard to track the round – I make notes on good and bad holes as well as keeping score. I have a little black book where I also write notes like who I am playing with, who I have met and other assorted stuff. The flaws are that I either leave them in my golf bag or the car so I can’t refer to them when I am writing or I lose my pen on the course and stop taking notes. (BTW, taking notes on the course is very problematic for me. Today it was notebook, camera, hit shot, camera, notebook. Just a lot of juggling.)

What made Tustin Ranch different was the people that I played with. I played with Jerry Burch, a friend from my days at Union. We lived across the hall from each other freshman year and got into quite a bit of trouble together. After working together in California, Jerry and I haven’t seen each other in over 30 years. I also played with Cat Kinder. Cat is the California Rep for TeeOff and handles all of the golf clubs in the State of California. She also handles her golf clubs quite well (see what I did there?). She could smash a drive 230 – 240 yards and make it look easy. Finally, I was paired with Billy Virgi. Billy is best friends with one of my most valuable contacts at TeeOff – Andrew Jones. Billy shared stories with me about Andrew so that I can blackmail him later.

The Foursome

We played a scramble. The old men (Jerry and I) against the young bucks (Cat and Billy). While it was neck and neck for the front 9, the old men took over on the back.

There was a TON of trash talk and the turning point may have been when Cat said to me on the 10th tee “see what’s in front of you Dave?” The answer was water and of course I hit it into the water – lost 2 balls at Tustin Ranch if you are keeping track at home. But then Cat did too. From then on it was all Jerry and Dave and I believe we won 4 and 3. (For Maggie, that’s up 4 holes with 3 holes to play).

This picture of Billy is indicative of their back 9. This was a Par 3 and Billy’s drive landed on this tiny spit of land in the middle of the waterfall. I am not sure that it was within the rules to hit it off of there, but that’s what happen. We took pity on Cat and didn’t make her climb out there (lots of slippery rocks).

All in all, another beautiful day in Southern California.

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