Day 8 – Upland Hills Country Club

For the second day in a row, it was dark and stormy. However, on Day 8 the weatherman predicted it which scared off all of the other golfers. My tee time was for 10:30 and as usual I arrived an hour early so the starter offered to let me get out early and beat the rain.

Going off at around 9:45, I just squeaked in ahead of a twosome. The tee box on the first hole was the last time that I saw even a glimpse of them. I love to play fast and Upland Hills allowed me to do that. I played 18 in 1:40 and didn’t see another golfer until the 18th green.

The course was narrow which gave me a few fits. Didn’t need to be more than 15 yards off line with your drive before you were in some trees. Nothing too bad, just a little inconvenient. My putting was a little better, I guess when you play that fast you can’t really think about it.

The rain came when I was on 11 but I was better prepared this time. Put on my rain pants, rain jacket and gloves and just kept going. Really didn’t bother me at all.

I shot an 88 and lost one ball where I should have been able to find it. But when I am playing fast, I don’t look too long.

On to Vegas!

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