Purple Ball – Dr. Simon Perry

When you arrive at the first tee box at Royal Links Golf Club you are greeted warmly by a gentleman with an oversized personality – David Perry. He asks you about where you are from, shares stories and gives you a few helpful hints about the course.

As I do with many people that I run into during my travels, I gave David a “100 Days 100 Courses” chip and told him about what I was doing. He immediately started talking about his dad who developed Alzheimer’s a couple of years ago at the age of 92. We shared stories and I teed off.

While going down the first fairway, I decided that I wanted to play the third hole for David’s dad but I didn’t know his name. The second hole happens to come within shouting distance of the starters cart so I ran over and asked a startled starter (see what I did there), if I could play for his dad. He was thrilled.

I played this ball in honor of the 94 year old Dr. Simon Perry.


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