Day 9 – Royal Links Golf Club

Links golf in the desert seems appropriate. Hard fairways, not too manicured with lots of roll.

You could mash your drive and just watch it roll. Even if you miss it your drive it generally still turned out alright because the ball just rolled and rolled and rolled.

It would have been a lot more fun if it weren’t for the 110 bunkers only 10 of which you can see from the tee box. Quite often those endless rolls ended up in one of these bunkers. An interesting tidbit about pot bunkers… the ball always ends up with in 6 inches of the forward face leaving you NO SHOT.

I was lucky enough to play with 3 gentlemen from Ohio: Dan, Steve and Ken. Dan and Ken have been coming to Vegas for March Madness for 30 years.

Throughout the round we got continuous updates on basketball scores and endless handwringing over their bets. They were great sports and even played some good golf.

This guy stalked us for about 9 holes. Must have seen my “Acme” golf bag and thought I was the road runner.

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