Day 15 – Stone Ridge

My day at Stone Ridge was an odd one. The parking lot was virtually empty when I arrived. It turns out that the back 9 was closed for work and the greens had just been aerated and sanded so the regulars stayed away. Course was empty, so I made the best of it and just tried shots I normally wouldn’t have. Because of mixing tees and playing the front 9 twice I can’t record the score for my handicap but I was happy with how I played. Theoretically an 83. There were some challenging driving holes with small landing zones where you had to keep the driver in the bag. The good news was that by playing the front 9 twice I got to go back and replay holes after learning how they played which is not something that I have been able to do on this trip.

I did run into a gentleman that I will remember for a long time. Alfie was a native Londoner who has been her 31 years. He still has he cockney accent and would laugh at virtually everything. I thought that I had met the original Alfie Doolittle.

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