Day 21 – Starr Pass

I am learning a lot about golf by playing everyday.

The natural tendency is that if you can hit the ball 240 yards, you try to do that every time. Many of the better courses require you to think and play within yourself.

Starr Pass is one of those. After fighting the course (and losing) the first 3 holes I tried to play smarter golf. I was 5 over through 3 but only 15 over for the last 15.

I was able to do this by taking what the course was giving me. Trying to find safe shots and not constantly trying to hit over the bunker. This is not the way to get to a single digit handicap, but maybe I can get down to a 12.

For the last 2 weeks, almost every course has had warning of rattlesnakes. It is really a deterrent to going into the rough to try and find your ball. I found my first one at Starr Pass. I was about 8 feet from it when I noticed him out of the corner of my eye. Neither of us moved and I backed away. As Cat calls them “Nope. Rope”.

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