Day 22 – Red Hawk Golf Club

Day 22 took me out of Arizona and into New Mexico and the Red Hawk Golf Club.

When I envisioned what this trip would be like, Red Hawk was what I imagined. Not the course, the people.

The starter was warm and very friendly, giving me the lay of the land and because I was early he was trying to find a good group for me to go out with.

He did that in spades. I played 18 with Ron and Jean (and 9 with Sheila).

Retired school teachers from Canada, they spent 3 months a year down here and the rest of the time in Ottawa. They have been doing this for about 20 years.

They are about 2 weeks away from going back and you can tell they are apprehensive about the cold.

Over the course of 18 we talked about everything. Golf (of course), our kids, New Mexico, sports (hockey, football, baseball, curling even came up). Could have been old friends.

All 3 were good golfers and I have discovered a disturbing trend. Most of the people that I have played with have had at least 1 Hole in One. Ron has had 7!

The golf was good. I started out on fire having 2 pars and a birdie on the first 4 holes, but then the course fought back. I lost 3 balls: 1 rolled off of a turtle back green into a pond, a second was right of the fairway but couldn’t be found and then most frustratingly, on 18 I took a very conservative shot approaching the green to avoid the water. The shot did that, but bounced off of something and took a hard right into the pond. Final score an 88.

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