Thinking About Golf

This hole from Starr Pass is a perfect example of playing what the course gives you. (2nd hole of Roadrunner).

At only 365 yards you should be around the green in 2. But when you look at the layout it’s hard to figure out how to make that happen.

With my average drive being 240, I have to hit the landing area. Assuming I hit it 200 to leave myself some cushion that leaves me 165 into a small green with a lot of crap around it. If it was 100 I would probably go for it but at 165 that isn’t prudent. So you hit a shot 100 yards and layup again. Then a little wedge into the green. 2 putt and you go home with a 5. Old Dave would have pushed it, lost a ball or two and ended up with a 7.

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