Purple Ball – Dorothy “Dot” Jardine

It is with heavy hearts that the 3 of us played Purple Balls at Northern Hills for Dorothy Jardine, my mom. She died this morning of a combination of Alzheimer’s and Lung Cancer. Although only two of us were her sons all three grew up with her. The last few days have been a celebration of her life on the golf course. RIP mom.

Dot was a tough woman. She grew up in a fairly well to do family and although she could have done anything she wanted (become a doctor) the social norms of the time told her that she had to become a nurse.

She was supposed to be taken care of, but a divorce when I was in 7th grade forced her to take care of herself.

She went back to work, first as a nurse and then as a nursing educator. She found a very frugal streak and kept us afloat allowing all of her kids to all go to college and live full lives.

She is survived by 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. RIP Mom.

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