Day 40 – Bayou Oaks – South

Day 40 was an absolutely gorgeous day in New Orleans and I had the pleasure of spending it playing Bayou Oaks. To call Bayou Oaks a muni is slander. Although it is in reality a muni, it is a gem.

An aside on Bayou Oakes is that the course is used as a funding source for youth programs in the local area which is pretty cool.

The course is part of City Park, which includes the New Orleans Museum of Art. When my round was over I had some time so I went over to NOMA (as we locals call it) and although the museum was closed the sculpture garden was open. A very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon – 18 holes of golf followed by wandering through some very interesting art.

The evening was capped off by going to a Baby Cakes (AAA Baseball) game. It was me and about 600 of my closest friends watching the Baby Cakes take on the Storm Chasers. I had the unique opportunity to sit in the front row behind the catcher which was a lot of fun.

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