Day 41 – English Turn

You need to start off knowing that this was my favorite hole. It was torture but I loved the idea of it. The 15th is a long par 5 with water and sand on the right and then as you get closer to the green, you realize that however you play the fairway, your last shot is to an island green. Do you lay up or do you go for it. Like I said torture.

As the PGA comes to town by shear luck I got to play golf with Randy and Curt. I saw a two some going out on the first tee, so I asked them if I could join them and they readily agreed.

Why was it luck to join them? Well, Randy will be giving out the trophy on Sunday on behalf of Zurich. We spent a lot of the day talking about the business of golf and why Zurich sponsors the tournament and what it means to the company.

They were both much better golfers than me but they put up with my miss hits and both Curt and I would talk to ourselves so we had that in common. The course had lots of water which kept things interesting. Altogether it was an enjoyable round.

I went out early because I was told that I had to see the National WW II Museum.

My early start allowed me to get to the museum by around 2. It was pretty quiet which allowed me to visit most of the exhibits without much hassle. I then watched the 4D movie, “Beyond All Boundaries” which is definitely worth seeing.

Later that evening I visited another of the recommended bars – The Roosevelt Hotel Bar. It turns out it is the HQ of the Zurich Classic and I ran into Ernie Els in the lobby. The PGA is here.

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