Day 58 – Wild Dunes Links Course

Who knew that South Carolina was going to be the international leg of my tour. Yesterday, I played with three Canadians, today it was two Swedes.

Trivia time. Did you know that in Sweden you need a “green card” to play golf. There is a written test and then an on course test. I am not sure that I could pass either part. On top of that, it costs about $150.

I had a wonderful playing partner but I am sad that his wife could only ride in the cart (she broke her ankle). They have been here working for about 3 years.

Wild Dunes had so many beautiful holes that I couldn’t show all the pictures.

To prevent wear and tear on my body, I don’t warm up and always say that my warm up is on the course. My round today proved it. It was crazy. I shot a 49 on the front with 3 lost balls and a 36 on the back. What’s up with that?

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