Day 14 – Laughlin Ranch Golf Club

Top of the world.

When you arrive at the Laughlin Ranch Golf Club practice green you are struck by how abnormally large it is. I didn’t find out why until a few holes into the round. The practice green allows you to work on your 60′ putt because the greens are so big that you inevitably will have a putt that long during your round.

The course was beautifully sited up on a hill so that at times you felt like you were on top of the world. Unlike many other resort courses, the houses along the course were never intrusive.

My threesome included Gary and Rod from the eastern plains of Colorado, out for a little gambling in Bullhead City and a little golf across the river.

They were truly a joy to play with. Stories of time in the casinos, their regular golf trip and just the standard camaraderie of the golf course. At the end, they actually insisted on takin my picture rather than the other way around.

The golf was pretty good too. I was very consistent shooting a 42 on both 9’s with 7 pars. The course gave you a lot to think about. Long drives over lots of stuff and their always seemed to be some trouble about 230 yards out.

The greens were also a challenge with some turtleback elevated greens or else lots of breaks. A real fun round, with only 1 lost ball.

Hopefully it is the jumping off point to some better golf.

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